McChat Registration Survey Prize Draw Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions (the “Terms”) for the McChat Registration Survey Prize Draw (the “Prize Draw”):

1. The Prize Draw is being run in connection with McChat, the online consumer community run by McDonald’s Restaurants Limited (“McDonald’s) in association with Sparkler Limited (“Sparkler”). Sparkler has been retained by McDonald’s to administer the Prize Draw.

2. The Prize Draw contest starts on 1st April 2020 at 9am and closes on 31st March 2021 at 9am

3. The Prize Draw is open to all individuals invited to participate in the McChat Registration Survey (“Entrants”). At the time of entry in to the Prize Draw, all Entrants must be aged 16 years or over and resident in the UK. Employees, agents and representatives of McDonald’s, its franchisees, Sparkler or STRAT7 Researchbods, a division of STRAT7 Limited and each of their respective subsidiaries and affiliates are not eligible to enter, nor are the parents, siblings and children of any such employee, agent or representative or any person with whom such employee, agent or representative is domiciled.

4. By entering the Prize Draw, Entrants agree to abide by these Terms and the decisions of Sparkler, which are final.

5. There will be 6 random draws of six prizes in the Prize Draw: one £250 Amazon voucher and five £50 Amazon vouchers (the “Prize(s)”).

6. All Entrants that complete the Registration Survey can opt in to entering the Prize Draw. Only one entry per person.

7. The draw will be held at Sparkler Limited, 58-60 Berners Street, London, W1T 3NQ on 30th April 2021 at 12pm, noon from all eligible entries received. Winners will be determined by random drawing from all eligible entries received by Sparkler by 9am on 30th April 2020.

8. Sparkler shall notify the winners by email within 15 days of the draw. Prizes will be awarded only on verification by Sparkler that all Prize Draw requirements have been met by the winners. Each Prize must be accepted as awarded and no substitution, transfer, conversion or assignment of Prizes will be allowed, unless at the discretion of McDonald’s which may substitute a Prize for one of comparable or greater value.

9. The winner will have 7 calendar days from notification to accept the Prize by email, and will be provided with contact details at that time. If a selected Entrant cannot be contacted within the allotted time Sparkler reserves the right to void that entry and select another eligible Entrant for that Prize.

10. The Prize will be delivered by Sparkler to the official winner within 10 days of receipt of a winner’s acceptance of the Prize. Any failure to comply with McDonald’s or Sparkler directions in any emails/letters giving notification of a prize-claim or prize-award or in any other communication by McDonald’s, shall be a breach of the Terms resulting in that winner’s entry becoming void and the prize claim becoming invalid.

11. An anonymised winners’ list of prize winners may be obtained for up to 90 days after the closing date for entries by sending a signed hand-written request along with a stamped self-addressed envelope to McDonald's at the address below and McDonald’s may (in its discretion publish the same on its website). Requests must be received no later than 30th July 2021 and must enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.

12. Neither McDonald’s nor Sparkler is responsible for lost, interrupted or unavailable network server or other connections, miscommunications, failed telephone or computer or telephone transmissions or technical failure, jumbled, scrambled or misdirected transmissions, or other error of any kind whether human, mechanical or electronic.

13. McDonald's Rights: McDonald's and Sparkler may (i) extend any time limit or waive any of the Terms where a person might otherwise have been disqualified (without obliging McDonald's to relax the Terms in any other case whatsoever), (ii) terminate, suspend and/or extend this promotion at any time due to supervening circumstances beyond McDonald's control including (but not limited to) technical or operational problems with the Site or for any fact, matter or circumstance which (in McDonald's opinion) adversely affects, or may adversely affect, the proper, fair or secure conduct or operation of any aspect of this promotion or its administration, (iii) substitute a product deemed to be an appropriate replacement and of equal or greater value in the place of any of the prizes, and (iv) treat any of its rights under the Rules as having been granted for the benefit of McDonald's and such of its subsidiaries, holding companies, fellow subsidiaries, franchisees, licensees agencies and commercial partners as McDonald’s determines is relevant to any aspect of the promotion.

14. Entrants’ personal information shall only be used in accordance with the McChat Privacy Policy. Please note: selected partners of the Promoter and/or 3rd parties (depending upon the nature of the prize and whether in addition to or in place of an entrant providing personal data to the Promoter) may require entrants to provide to any such partner or 3rd party personal-data in connection with claiming/redeeming prizes and (for prizes which are vouchers) any products or services of partners or 3rd parties which are to be redeemed using prize-vouchers, so entrants should satisfy themselves with the privacy policies of such partners and 3rd parties, as the Promoter cannot accept any responsibility for them.


a) McDonald's (and any prize supplier) may carry out such background checks and require such information as it considers necessary or desirable for the purposes of verifying eligibility or the validity of any entry and any prize may be withheld unless and until McDonald's is satisfied with the verification.

b) Should McDonald’s determine based on the evidence in its possession at any given time that a person is misusing or tampering or attempting to misuse or tamper with the proper conduct of this Promotion (and whether or not that person has submitted an entry and is otherwise in breach of the Terms), then McDonald’s may adjudge (in its sole discretion) that such person is ineligible to take part in this promotion and every other promotion or offer of McDonald’s and may direct that every entry, claim and request by that entrant is to be automatically void or invalid.

c) Any entry will be void (unless otherwise directed by McDonald’s) having deemed it (in McDonald’s discretion) (i) to be incomplete, damaged or unreadable or (ii) to have been made by an ineligible person or (iii) to have failed to comply with these Terms.

d) For any entry which is or becomes void, any corresponding prize claim shall become invalid and in consequence McDonald’s may withdraw or cancel any prize notification or award and oblige the entrant to (i) forfeit all rights to the prize (ii) (if McDonald’s deems this to be applicable) return the prize at the entrant’s expense in the same condition as awarded and (iii) accept that no right of compensation shall arise.

e) McDonald’s may (in its sole discretion) (i) decline to enter into any correspondence save as otherwise stated in these Terms, (ii) alter these Terms during the Prize Draw to the extent it considers necessary or desirable to maintain and preserve the integrity and reputation of the Prize Draw or the fair, effective or secure operation of the Prize Draw, and (iii) perform any stated function in these Terms via an agent and the entrant shall be required to accept such performance as if it was directly by McDonald’s.

f) Reference in the Terms or any promotional advertising, material or communication to any person as a “winner” or which otherwise expresses or might imply that a prize has been won, shall not thereby imply a waiver of any prize-claim/verification processes relating to the award of that prize or of McDonald’s rights under the Terms to withhold the prize, require its return or cancellation (if already awarded), to adjudge the prize-claim as void for any or all purposes and/or to rule the entrant as ineligible for this and/or other promotions.

g) These Terms shall be exclusively governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and the courts of England and Wales will have exclusive jurisdiction in the event of any dispute.

h) The promoter is McDonald’s Restaurants Limited, 11-59 High Road, East Finchley, London N2 8AW.