Welcome to McChat, an exclusive community, where people are invited to share their opinions on a range of different topics related to McDonald’s, food, eating out experiences, and much more!

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About Us

The McChat community is an exclusive McDonald’s community where your views can be voiced and heard.

As a community member, you will be invited to engage and interact with other members on various subjects of interest, as well as participate in a host of activities including quick polls, surveys and discussion rooms.

If you are interested in joining the community, please click on the link above to find out if you are eligible to join.


McChat is an exclusive online community, where people are invited to share their opinions on a range of different topics related to McDonald’s, food, eating out experiences, and much more! Your feedback will be used to help improve customers’ experiences and inform McDonald’s about what you think about their services.
As a member of McChat you will be asked to complete an online activity (e.g. a survey or discussion room) around once per week. Activities cover various topics - we try to make them as interesting as possible and try to send ones that are relevant to you!
We’ll notify you of any new activities by email. You can then follow the instructions in the email or login to www.mcchat.co.uk to take part.
Members will be eligible to take part in a monthly prize draw every time they participate in an activity (e.g. a survey or discussion room). Prize draw winners are chosen at random and include everyone who has participated in an activity that month. If there is a specific incentive for taking part in a task (e.g. a specific survey or discussion room) you will be alerted to this in the email invite.
We would like you to participate in McChat on a continuous basis. You can stay on the McChat community for as long as you like, and you do not have to respond to or participate in all activities you are invited to. We ask that you participate as much as possible and keep sharing your feedback and thoughts with us. If you want to leave the community, you can email us at support@mcchat.co.uk and we will remove you.
PA Consulting manages McChat and is an independent consumer insight and brand consultancy specialising in communities, like this. PA Consulting are responsible for programming and hosting activities, and community administration, as well as managing research tasks across discussion rooms and surveys. For more information visit: www.sparkler.co.uk.
The research will be used by PA Consulting and McDonald’s. The answers you give to surveys and other activities will be used anonymously. Feedback from McChat projects will play a key role in helping to improve customers’ experience at McDonald’s. Your answers will be combined with those from other McChat community members, and reported at an aggregate level (e.g. 20% of community members think x). Any comments you make will be used anonymously, unless we specifically ask your permission to quote you personally.
If you have any other questions, please email our support team at support@mcchat.co.uk. Our hours are Monday – Friday 9am-5.30pm and we will aim to respond to you within 48 hours.

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